Blessings Boxes

In March 2020, we began placing Blessing Boxes around the Pinellas County community in order to support neighbors who may need assistance.  Our boxes are designed for everyone to participate and we encourage you to stop by and take what you need, or leave what you can.  If you are interested in sponsoring the building and placement of a Blessings Box, or have a perfect location, please contact us. 

Grace Christian Fellowship

901 Ridge RD. SW

Largo, FL

Skycrest Elementary School

10 N. Corona Ave

Clearwater, FL

Belleair Elementary School

1156 Lakeview Rd

Clearwater, FL

Give Back

Join us this holiday season in our numerous service projects!


Our Amazon Wish List is a great place to shop and contribute items that go back to those in our community!


We have partnered with the Pack-a-Snack program in the Pinellas County area to help address the problem of chronic hunger among children in our public schools. Through Pack-a-Snack, every Friday kids are sent home with 8-10 non-perishable items to eat over the weekend. Last year this program sent 4800 snack bags home to kids for the weekend each week and there are kids still on a wait list. Of course, it’s saddening to hear that so many kids need help, but how amazing is it that the community comes together to serve so many!

At Lotz of Blessings, we are dedicated to raising kids with kind hearts and giving spirits.  Our Project Kind Kids initiative will include events throughout the year where kids will work together to come up with ideas that together, help us change our community.  We will encourage creative thinking, team building and caring projects.  Keep an eye on our events!

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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